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I remember when I first tried this sophisticated cocktail. We vacationed at the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and stayed in Lexington. The downtown area is quaint and funky. I asked our bartender to make me a bourbon cocktail that was not sweet like an Old Fashioned, and he presented me with this perfectly blended drink.

You will need:

1 oz good bourbon ( I use Woodford Reserve)

1/2 oz Campari

1/2 oz sweet vermouth ( I use Antica, its worth the price)

Amarino Cherry

Orange or lemon

Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and add the bourbon, Campari and vermouth. Shake about 30 seconds or more. You can either empty the entire contents into a highball glass, or strain into a pretty coup glass. Personally I like the ice, as it melts it lasts a little longer, remember this is all alcohol! Garnish with cherry and citrus rind.

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