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Campari Seltz

This is an iconic, yet light summer apertivo. It’s perfect before dinner and a great option if you are trying to lighten up on alcohol. In Italy, aperitivo represents the symbolic golden hour, when one transitions into evening by meeting up with friends over lower-ABV drinks, sparking an appetite for dinner and the end-of-day wind-down. Many drinkers in Italy, and now here in the United States, find themselves reaching for a Campari & Soda. The combination of one part Campari and three parts soda water is a democratized drink throughout Italy, available in many forms and venues and crossing over from older Italians to younger cocktail aficionados, who are drawn equally to the tradition and convenience of its classic serve. The easy build makes it readily available in trattorias, cafés and bars across Italy, from high-end establishments to small bottegas.

You will need:

3 parts club soda

1 part Campari

Lemon garnish

Lots of ice

Use a vegetable peeler to create the lemon garnish. Fill a large wine glass with ice, add the Campari and soda. Stir and add lemon!

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