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Each of my trips to Italy developed love affairs. While I already “drank” coffee, Italy helped me fall in love with coffee.

Visiting Italy exceeded my dreams and changed my perception on life. Slow down, enjoy, taste, smell, listen and love.

One of many traditions I brought home with me, was an afternoon espresso. And it started from a day trip to Ravello. I can't even find the words to describe Ravello. Charming , somewhat medieval, full of history and beauty. The grand finale was enjoying my favorite pastry Sfogliatella and with an espresso.

Cappucino is a breakfast drink, enjoyed BEFORE 11 AM. Do not order this in the afternoon, or you will get some disgusted looks. Well if you’re in Italy that is, and we experienced just that in 2021 when my friend attempted to order a cappuccino in the afternoon. Our barista just kept muttering something in Italian, while giving her the death stare. We did find out later from locals, if you want a splash of milk in your afternoon coffee, you ask for a Cafe Lungo Macchiato.

For years I have been making my afternoon espresso with the old fashioned stove top contraption, and just recently I splurged and bought a Nespresso. I only drink it out of my demi tasse cup and saucer. I brought some beautiful hand painted sets home from Italy. When I am out and about, and looking for an afternoon espresso, if it’s served in a paper cup I will usually pass, it just doesn’t taste the same in a paper cup. The caffe culture in Italy is so grand, you will even find it served in gas stations in a real cup and saucer, no paper cups anywhere.

Sorry Starbucks, you are no longer good enough for me after drinking coffee in Italy.

Goditi il caffè!!

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