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Grated Cheese

Many of my recipes call for grated pecorino, pecorino romano blend, or parmesan. They are all fantastic, but I BEG you, to purchase a block of it and grate it yourself, or spend the money on already grated in the container that you find in the gourmet cheese section of your grocery store. First it just tastes better, you get the pungent taste of it, as its meant to be. Also there are no preservatives.

When you purchase the kind in green can , you're eating sawdust. At least that's what is reported. Well maybe its not actually sawdust per se, but it does contain cellulose. While cellulose has been considered a safe, FDA-approved food additive since 1973, it's also a component of the plant foods. But its not anything that should be in cheese, in my opinion anyway. So the “green can” may say 100% cheese, but if you look at the ingredients, you will see cellulose listed as an ingredient. Im no math expert, but that isn’t 100% cheese, am I right?

In the dairy industry, cellulose is used mainly as an anti-caking agent that ensures shredded cheese will “flow and not clump into a ball,” when it's coming out of a shaker. To make the additive, the raw fiber is chemically treated until it's refined to a microcrystalline powder or reconstituted as gum.

UMMMMMM. No thank you. Get a block of the real thing. Use the side of a box grater, or what I prefer, is microplane. You can find those at any kitchen store, or of course on Amazon.

I told my kids and grands if they ever buy this type of cheese we will be forced to go to family therapy!

Cheese is life………………real cheese that is.

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