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Oma’s Potato Salad

Oma’s Potato SalaD

Every year Oma makes this for the family Oktoberfest fundraiser. We look so forward to this with grilled brats, we ensure we go to the event hungry!!

You will need:

7 medium red potato’s

1/4 cup chicken stock

1 medium sweet onion finely chopped

1/4 cup white wine vinegar

1-2 tbsp vegetable oil

Fresh minced dill

Salt and pepper to taste

Boil potatoes until nearly done, but still slightly firm. Allow potatoes to cool slightly, then peel with a knife. Slice thin, do not chop. Add onions. Warm chicken stock and add to potato’s, then add vinegar until you achieve desired moisture level. Basically you want them just moist, but not saturated. Add the vegetable oil and mix very gently. Salt and pepper to taste then sprinkle with dill.

Oma will also occasionally add crumbled bacon with 1 tbsp bacon grease with sliced eggs on top.

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