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Who Needs Napa? 🍇 Souther Williams Vineyard

Updated: May 14

A potential Hallmark movie set, this beautiful land  was originally comprised most of what today is the Hoopers Creek valley. It once consisted of 10,000 acres back in the mid 1800’s, passed down through the family. The  now 35 acre property, which is what is left today, forms the old original homeplace and you can still find remnants on the property as you stroll through the vineyard.

The owners and winemakers have traveled the world, exploring new regions and tasting some of the best wines globally. This love drove them to start their own vineyard  in Fletcher, NC on their family’s land.

We spent a beautiful afternoon there with friends, pairing wine and cheese, breathing in the mountain air.

I left with a few bottles of the Vidal Blanc, a light, fruity white wine, and Blaufränkisch, a medium red that I have placed on my wine rack and will let age a bit.

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