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It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere!

Oh 5 o’clock, how do I love thee? It’s funny how cocktail hour is such an important part of my life, really more of my ritual. It’s not that I have a drinking problem, let me clear that up now.

In America, we also call it happy hour. In France, it’s apero, and in Italy, it’s called aperitivo. But where ever you may live in this world, it means to share a drink together, boozy or not, with someone you enjoy. It can provide a necessary outlet for emotions. It also marks the end of the day, where you can reset, celebrate and rejoice in all you’ve accomplished from the moment you got out of bed, had your coffee and did whatever it is you do throughout the day, work, run errands, finish a project, enjoy your retirement activities....... whatever. After 5 I will turn on my smooth jazz station, pour my cocktail, and if its warm will sit outside. Ahhhhhh......

When I was in college, happy hour usually started Thursday afternoon around 4. The bars offered .5 cent draft and cheap shots. Since we were all broke, this was definitely something we would partake in. While it cost very little, we would certainly pay for it the next day. Once I became a young mother, I cant recall really even drinking much with the exception of being at dinner somewhere or at a party. As the kids got older, I did start enjoying wine more often, and it was not any type that a sommelier would be proud of. If I recall, the bottle had kangaroo on it, and it provided a nice headache the next day.

It wasn’t until the kids were off the payroll that I really started enjoying the good stuff. When I would purchase wine, I would purchase it from an establishment where I could speak with an expert who could offer some guidance for my selection. Not long after, I started enjoying craft cocktails and good bourbon. One of my many memorable trips that my husband and I took, was to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. It was there I was served a Boulevardier. And so began my love for craft cocktails.

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