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Italy 2018

When I left Italy in 2016, I knew I would be back. I wanted to spend more time in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast and this trip, we did. Again, we flew into Rome and hopped in a car and headed south. This time my younger son was coming for part of the trip, and I could not wait to show him beautiful Italy. Every night we had long, late dinners and we would stroll through Sorrento people watching, shopping, eating and drinking. I rented a private yacht and we went into the ports of Positano and Amalfi, while we sipped Prosecco. We took a cooking class and went to Pompeii. We spent one night in Naples, and from there my son took a train to Rome and flew home. My husband and I headed north again, this time to Perugia. Another hill top medieval village that looks like something from a movie set, we were able to take day trips to Cortona, Assisi, and Spoleto. Along our drives we would stop at wineries and olive oil farms, tasting local goodness. Of course, a lot of that came home with me.

Flying out of Rome again, we skipped all the attractions but did go down the side streets, as I like to do, searching for the local trattorias to eat and drink.

This trip was much more relaxing, and the cool thing was, even though it was only my second trip to Italy, I felt like I knew my way around a bit.

Once again as the trip ended, I knew I would be back. We planned the next trip March 2020 to Milan and Lake Como, on our way to Switzerland for a work trip I had won. We had also booked a trip October of 2020 to Munich, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. In came the pandemic, all 2020 trips cancelled. I lived in yoga pants for an entire year, but definitely sharpened my skills again in the kitchen so all was not lost! I dreamt often of my two amazing trips to Italy, and planned my next....... whenever that would be.

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