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Montreal Canada

Montréal is the largest city in Canada's Québec province. It’s set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River and named after Mt. Royal, the triple-peaked hill at its heart. Its boroughs, many of which were once independent cities, include neighbourhoods ranging from cobblestoned, French colonial Vieux-Montréal, with the Gothic Revival Notre-Dame Basilica at its center. Montreal is known for its European vibe. Its historical streets and stunning architecture will have you feeling like you have been transported directly to Europe. Its uniqueness attracts millions of tourists every year who come to check out the culinary scene, the nightlife, and the world-renowned festivals

This trip was amazing, but sadly we didnt spend enough time there. I really felt like I was in France, and I attempted to speak what little French I remembered from highschool. I kind of embarrassed myself but at least I tried! Of course we ate Poutine everyday, and enjoyed croissants for breakfast. We walked everyday down side streets in Old Montreal, checking out local food and shops, but the Basilica was my favorite. The basilica’s interior is a sight to behold, with its blue colours, shimmering gold-leaf ornamentation, intricate woodwork, religious paintings and colourful stained-glass windows depicting over 350 years of parish history designed by Québec artist, Jean-Baptiste Lagacé. It absolutely took my breath away. You can take a guided tour, or explore on your own. We always do our own thing, everywhere we travel! We definitely arent into group tours.

We stayed at the Doubletree downtown which was near train stations, Old Town, and a 12 minute walk to the Notre Dame Basilica.

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