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Shrimp is the Lords Gift to the Sea

Bubba was right when he rattled out all the great things you can do with shrimp. And throughout my book you will see a lot of recipes with shrimp. Not only do I love shrimp, but it’s the number one seafood people purchase and eat.

It’s always good to be informed about the types of shrimp available as well as where they come from.

First and foremost, DO NOT BUY FARM RAISED SHRIMP. Most of it comes from other countries where there is little regulation and quality control is low. You don't want to know how that shrimp is “raised” and if you do, look it up, and I promise you that you will never purchase farm raised shrimp again. In addition, you are taking away income from our local fisherman who do this for a living to survive and feed their families.

The kind I always get is Atlantic Shrimp, I mean I do live in South Carolina. Atlantic shrimp is considered to be from the Chesapeake Bay down to Key West. The varieties are brown, white and royal reds, Key West pinks and Florida rock shrimp. I do think that brown shrimp is the sweetest, and its said that the sweet spartina grass in the deeper coastal water is what makes it sweet. Atlantic shrimp have a long season, from mid spring to early winter.

Gulf shrimp is said to have an earthier flavor, and thats due to the warner waters. They enjoy a muddier environment caused by low tide, and that “mud” creates the mineral earth taste. I have also read that the shrimp closer to Texas has a much stronger iodine taste which can be a real turn off.

Of course you will notice that all shrimp have veins and some are bigger and a bit grosser than others. My Grandpop used to call it the “poop deck”. The orange gunk is the digestive track. While both are safe to eat, I prefer not too. I do make peel and eat shrimp sometimes, but I inspect the shrimp I buy and for as little orange or brown as possible. Otherwise I peel and devein them ( or sometimes purchase already done for me for a few more bucks).

Other than the terrific flavor, shrimp is actually good for you. It contains vitamins and minerals, and is loaded with protein. It also contains Omega 3 fatty which is great for brain and heart health.

The good shrimps not cheap, but why would you spend your money on something thats not fresh, or imported?

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