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The Lowcountry Spell

What exactly is the lowcountry? Its an area along the South Carolina coast that has a culture, geography, architecture, economy and even cuisine of it’s own. Its unique climate, landscape, and slow, Southern pace of life is appealing to many, making it a favorite place to live and very popular with tourists from all over the world. When you think of the lowcountry, you think of shrimp boats, palmetto trees, big front porches with rocking chairs and pitchers of sweet tea!

If y’all have been to the lowcountry, chances are you have had a good experience here. Some folks experiences were so good, they packed up and moved here!

Many who visit have never tasted creamy grits, or fluffy hushpuppies. I love sitting near a table of visitors who ask their server what a grit is. I want to yell over to them, dont ask just try them! Just about any country or BBQ restaurant will serve your meal with hushpuppies. Think of those as replacing the traditional bread basket. And whatever you do, PLEASE make sure if you are eating a traditional lowcountry meal, you wash it down with a cold beer or sweet tea!

We may have hurricanes and alligators, but the slow pace of the lowcountry far outweighs those pesky little things. Its about the scent of the pluff mud when you’re near the water, the Spanish moss in the live oaks, and history just about on every corner.

Spring and fall are my favorite time here, and while we do have a winter, it doesn’t last long. We wear our flip flops pretty much 9 months out of the year and rarely wear a winter coat. I keep my shorts handy because we have been known to have 80 degree days in the middle of February just out of the blue!

People are so chill and pretty much happy. But of course you have some people that are just unhappy all the time, even the lowcountry spell can’t help them. So to them I say BLESS YOUR HEART!

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