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The Sea View Inn-Pawleys Island SC

Ive been here in Pawleys Island for 4 years, yet have never stepped foot into this charming inn.  However, until recently, I didnt realize that they served lunch daily during the season, to non guests.  So my husband and I decided to dine there today for “ dinner” which is what we would call lunch.  We had fried shrimp, corn on the cob, slaw, hushpuppies, a glass of tea and finished with homemade peach and blueberry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream. We arrived at 1PM and waited for the dinner bell to ring at 1:15 to be seated.  Three little boys anxiously awaited to ring that bell, and I could tell that is a part of their excitement of staying at the inn, and surely a memory that they will carry into adulthood.  People came in after a long morning on the beach, sun kissed, wet hair and  in their swimsuit cover ups.  It was truly a vision of what summer vacation looks like.

Built in 1937, now owned by our current mayor and his wife, this ocean front inn has a private beach, 20 rooms and offers 2 meals a day. It may be small but it’s full of lowcountry charm!  Picture a row of rocking chairs on the covered porch, a nice breeze  and catching the sun as it peaks over the ocean in the morning.  A family room with rows of books and a table to work a puzzle sits at the bottom of the stairs.

Many of the guests return at the same time every year with their families, generation after generation. Also, to enjoy time with their now “extended” families who come back at the same time.  It’s cozy and inviting, and the staff is so friendly.   I talked with them for a bit and thanked them for a wonderful meal.

The Seaview Inn is the essence of the Pawleys Island theme of Arrogantly Shabby.  It’s also home of Palmetto Cheese, my favorite pimento cheese. Our small island is under 4 miles long and 1/2 mile wide.  Pawleys Island claims to be the oldest seaside resort in America, attracting vacationers since the 1700s.  You wont find gas stations, beach stores, restaurants, large hotels or high rise condominiums over on Pawleys Island proper.  And I don’t  foresee see that ever changing.

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