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Viva Bene Ama Molto Ridi Spesso

“Vivi Bene Ama Molto Ridi Spesso” is the equivalent to the sign that almost every American home has hanging somewhere under its roof “ Live Laugh Love”.

In reality, Italians don’t need a sign in their home to remind them to live well, laugh often and love much. They just do that naturally. After my first trip to Italy, I came home and modeled my life around the Italian culture. But, for the most part, I was already doing that. The family unit is strong. They are loyal to one another. A large part of an Italian family's social life involves eating, laughing, loving and celebrating everything together. We certainly do that very well in my family.

What exactly is living? Waking up and doing whatever you do, working, parenting, cooking, cleaning is reality. But there is a huge difference in living and existing. Putting unrealistic expectations on yourself is just a death wish. A squeaky clean house usually means that you are not allowing yourself to relax, and understanding that a happy home often can be a messy home. I don’t mean filthy and dirty. If you think people are going to walk into your house and immediately judge the messiness, then find new friends. But in actuality, they really don’t even notice. I don’t. Putting pressure on yourself to serve a gourmet meal after you’ve worked your tail off all day will just backfire on you. You may serve a meal to your family that should be on the cover of “Food and Wine” magazine, but if you are mean and nasty while everyone is at the table, it’s not worth it. Your family would rather have a frozen meal, or take out, enjoyed with a “pleasant” you.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and I couldn’t agree more. My sons, husband and I are always cracking jokes. Occasionally I have to remind the boys to keep it clean, I am still their mom!

Love. As I’ve said before, without love I am bankrupt. There is no better feeling than knowing how loved you are. And being loved for just you with no one constantly reminding you of your shortcomings or imperfections. People who genuinely love you wont throw your past in your face, will celebrate your successes, empathize with you when you need it and will go the extra mile for you when you need them.

I hope you don’t need a sign in your kitchen or foyer to lead a happy life, but it can’t hurt if you think it will be a good reminder to..........

LIVE~~~~~~~~~~~ LAUGH ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~LOVE

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