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Everyday Vinaigrette

This is the only dressing I use on my salads. It’s not only healthy, but the flavors are intense. I will even make up my own in a restaurant if they dont offer a good balsamic on the menu by asking for oil, vinegar, mustard, lemon salt and pepper. I have them bring me a bowl and I mix it up right there. The chance that the olive oil is up to my expectations is pretty slim, so I use less oil and a little more mustard. It’s still better than a high fat ranch, which the keto world will insist is healthy for you. I digress.

You will need:

The basics~

2/3 cup good extra virgin olive oil

1/3 cup white wine vinegar

Fresh garlic clove minced finely

Salt and pepper


Chopped basil and/or parsley

1 tsp mustard ( stone ground or dijon)

1 tsp honey

1 tbsp lemon juice

In a large bowl mix the basics together. You can add the optional ingredients from there, if you choose. You can add them all or just a few.

I dress the salad right before I serve it, so no need to put it on the table in any fancy dispenser.

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