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Grilled Oysters

One of the many things I love about having a home on the coast is when we have company. And when we have company I cook up a storm. I love making my famous grilled oysters. Pretty simple, if you purchase pre shucked oysters and have re usable oyster shells. I had shucked my own oysters awhile back, it was time consuming and a bit frustrating. So I kept the shells to re-use. I took the muscle out and boiled the shells. I keep them in the freezer in between uses. When I am ready to use I let them get to room temperature.

NOW the good news is you can purchase oyster shells for grilling online for around $30 ( 24 count).

You will need:

18 oyster shells

Pint of shucked oysters

Butter ( 1 stick)

Handful of parsley minced

2 cloves garlic

Grated Parmesan cheese

In a sauce pan heat the butter, garlic and minced parsley until butter is melted. Heat up your grill until the temperature reaches 400 +. Place the oyster shells on the grill pan and set on hot grill. Get those shells good and hot. Place an oyster in each, you should see it sizzle as it hits the hot shell. Add a tsp of the butter mixture and a pinch of grated cheese on top of each oyster. Close lid and let it cook for 3- 5 minutes. Remove from heat and serve right away. Bonus if you serve with crusty bread to sop up the juices!!

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