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Grilled Peaches with Ricotta

There are so many ways to serve grilled peaches, sweet or savoy. Tonight we had them savory with my husbands perfect baby back ribs. So I would suggest you make these when you already have the grill going and hot. I put these on before the meat, remove and cool while you cook the rest of the meal.

You will need:

2 peaches cut in half, pit removed

Cooking spray

1 cup whole milk Ricotta

Mikes hot honey

2 slices procuitto

Sage leaves ( optional)


Salt and pepper

Place ricotta between two paper towels and press to remove moisture. Place in a bowl and stir, season with a little salt and pepper. Heat oven or air fryer ( air fryer is what I used) to 400. Place prosciutto on a sheet pan and bake about 5 minutes. Add sage to sheet pan and bake another 2 minutes. You want the prosciutto and sage crispy. Remove from oven and let cool. Spray cut side of peaches with cooking spray. Grill cut side down for 5-10 minutes until slightly soft and you can see grill marks. Remove and set aside to cool. Once they cool down ( 15-20 minutes), place on top of a handful of arugula, cut side up. Place a spoonful of ricotta on each and drizzle with hot honey. Crumble the prosciutto and sage and sprinkle on top of ricotta mixture.

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