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Healthy Chicken Piccatta

So many people think that eating healthy means no taste, and thats just simply not true. With fresh, good ingredients you can create flavorful dishes you will want to eat regularly. Chicken piccata is lemony and garlicky. You will feel like you are eating a meal in Italy!

You will need:

2 chicken breast, sliced in half longways

Olive oil

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp flour

2 minced garlic cloves

1 large lemon

1 cup chicken bone broth

2 tbsp capers

6 cups fresh spinach

With a meat mallet, pound out the chicken breasts until evenly thin (put them in a ziplock bag). Salt and pepper each side. In a large skillet, spray with cooking spray and brown chicken on each side. Remove to a plate. In the same skillet, coat the bottom with olive oil and cook garlic until light brown. Add butter, melt and then add flour. Stir until you have a nice thick medium brown roux then add the bone broth and juice of the lemon ( watch the seeds!). Bring to a simmer, add capers and stir. Once sauce thickens up, place chicken back in to heat through, about 10 minutes for the center of the chicken to be done.

In a separate large pot, coat bottom with olive oil. Add spinach and stir on medium low heat until spinach starts to wilt. Immediately remove from heat, making sure each leaf has somewhat wilted.

Place a few spoonfuls of the spinach on a plate, top with a piece of chicken and drizzle with the lemony sauce.

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