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Italian Cassoulet

When you hear Cassoulet you may immediately think of a hearty french dish. A Cassoulet comes from a region of southwestern France historically known as the Languedoc, a cradle-shaped territory that’s also famous for its sunshine, grapevines, and medieval hill villages. The cuisine matches this rustic landscape, with specialties like duck confit, foie gras and, of course, cassoulet washed down with robust local wine.

The dish takes its name from its cooking vessel, the “cassole” a widemouthed earthenware bowl that traditionally sat upon the hearth simmering constantly for hours or days.

In my opinion, anything slow roasted with game and beans pretty much is the same thing. I didn’t use duck, I used chicken leg quarters. They are much easier to find and much less expensive. Rather than use smoked sausage I used pieces of good smoked prosciutto. Just a slight drizzle of truffle oil when I served it, and I immediately went back to Tuscany tonight. This dish is easy and inexpensive, it just requires time. I kind of made this one up, but this one is a keeper!

You will need:

2 whole leg quarters, dried with as much moisture out as possible

1 can cannellini beans, drained

1 garlic clove minced

1 shallot minced

1 tbsp butter

1/3 cup dry white wine

Rough chopped prosciutto

Parsley for garnish

Truffle oil for drizzling ( optional)

Spray the bottom of a dutch oven with cooking spray. Salt and pepper the chicken and brown on both sides. Remove chicken to a plate and add butter, garlic and shallots scraping up the chicken bits in the pan. Cook for 10 minutes, then add the wine, prosciutto and the beans. Give it a good stir and place the chicken on top. Cover and simmer on low for 90 minutes.

I didn’t serve this with anything but a side of broccolini. I think the beans add a great starch so no potato’s or pasta needed.

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