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Strawberry Pie

Who remembers Shoney’s? It originated in Charleston WV in 1947. Soon after the name was changed to Big Boy Restaurants, then changed back to Shoney’s again! There are still 94 locations left in the United States. I remember the fresh strawberry pies so well. I over bought strawberries so I thought about what I wanted to make with them, and I made a similar version. Instead of using cornstarch I used the Peach Stand’s ( Fort Mill) Very Berry Preserves. This was a fresh and delicious recipe and perfect while strawberries are still in season!

4 cups sliced strawberries

1/2 cup berry preserves

2 tbsp sugar

1 baked pie crust

Whipped cream

Bake pie crust according to directions and let cool. Mix sugar with sliced strawberries. Lightly warm the preserves in microwave, mix with berries. Spoon berry mixture into pie shell, cover and let sit in refrigerator for several hours. Slice and top with fresh whipped cream.

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