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The Hugo

I discovered a new, fun drink on my recent trip to Italy. Its called a Hugo. Its so light and very refreshing. The interesting thing, is that this drink is not of Italian origin. The Hugo is a slightly alcoholic aperitif, originating in South Tyrol, but widespread in Triveneto, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. I enjoyed and took this photo at Sophia Lorens restaurant in Florence Italy!

You will need:

2 oz St. Germain

3 oz Prosecco

2 oz Sparkling water

6 Mint leaves – Muddling the mint adds a pop of cooling flavor to the cocktail. ( save a sprig for the garnish)

1 slice Lime – Adds just a hint of citrus to the floral cocktail. Use a slice or two for garnish.

In a large wine glass, muddle the mint to release the oils and create a minty aroma. Add the St Germain and Prosecco . Fill glass with ice, top with sparkling water, stir and serve.

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