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Tomato Butter

It’s not quite tomato season here yet, but I found some nice Campari tomatoes at Costco this week. And you know when you buy at Costco you buy a lot. So in addition to making my usuals, tomatoes and pasta, tomatoes and Burrata, I made this tomato butter and let me tell you what……………….. its going on repeat.

You will need:

6 Campari tomatoes OR 2-4 ripe tomatoes ( 2 large, or 4 medium)

1 cup room temperature butter

2 tbsp basil

2 garlic cloves

Sea salt ( pinch)

Heat oven ( if you have a roast option use that) to 400. I used my air fryer since it has a roast option. Cut tomatoes in quarters and remove the seeds. Place tomatoes and whole garlic on a piece of foil, no oil. Roast for 10 minutes. If you see the garlic getting too dark, remove before 10 minutes. Let cool then place tomatoes, garlic and basil in a food processor. Pulse until mixed. Add butter 1/3 at a time, pulse after each, add pinch of salt then blend until smooth.

There are so many ways to serve this. I used mini store bought Crostini but I used it for another recipes too!

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