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Strawberry Mascarpone Shortcakes

I say it over and over, I am not much of a dessert maker but if its easy, and I am entertaining, I will make something. I will usually make a dessert out of something seasonal, and strawberries are in season! This was delicious, not too sweet, and just a small bite after a big meal.

You will need:

8 pre-made biscuits

1/2 cup butter

3 tbsp granulated sugar

8 oz container of Mascarpone softened

1 tsp vanilla

2 cups slices strawberries

Mix the sliced strawberries with 1 tbsp sugar and set aside. These are best if they sit a few hours. melt the butter with remaining sugar. Place biscuits in a baking dish, and drizzle with sugar butter. Bake according to directions. Mix mascarpone and vanilla. Let biscuits cool, and when ready to serve, build the shortcake. Slice the biscuit in half, spread a little mascarpone mixture, add a spoonful of strawberries, place top half of biscuit over it, and spoon more berries on top. You can add a little whipped cream here too if you’d like.

This was so good!!

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